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Version history

Version 2.02

  • FIX language resources errors
  • ADD Italian manual
  • CHG updated French manual

Version 2.01

  • FIX chart search bug in localized versions
  • CHG harmonic calculation improved
  • CHG transits removed from simplified mode
  • CHG minor transation changes
  • FIX ephemeris installation bug
  • CHG French folder creation changed to prevent accented letters encoding conflicts in the file system
  • FIX latitude/logitude bug (incorrect seconds input)

Version 2.0

  • CHG Conversion of function declarations to C++ style (internal design change)
  • CHG Conversion of byte types to char types where needed (internal design change)
  • ADD Language-pack support
  • ADD Closing the program via a shortcut requires confirmation
  • ADD Printing of non-white background requires confirmation
  • CHG TrueType font used for text output
  • ADD New type of "#text" switches (see below)
  • ADD #Glyph switch for defining national characters
  • ADD MoveTo rendering method of glyphs (improved graphic output of fonts)
  • CHG Atlas shows installed countries/states only
  • CHG Time in chart files is always stored in 24h mode
  • ADD Chart files containing names of months in English or PM/AM suffix can be loaded in all language versions
  • FIX Parallel aspects calculation (by SK)
  • FIX Nutation correction (by Antonio)
  • ADD #SimplifiedMode and #AdvancedMode switch (easy-to-use simplified version for beginners)
  • ADD SimplifiedMode and AdvancedMode menu
  • ADD #DebugFont (for developers only)
  • FIX 11th house was always omitted and 12th incorrectly displayed in the -v view. Partially fixed.
  • ADD #CharSet (for details see WinGDI.h in Windows SDK)
  • ADD #UseInternationalAtlas switch - prefer international atlas to the American one (for non-US countries)
  • ADD language-specific configuration script in the language pack (possibility of more regional settings for language packs)
  • CHG default paths are now relative to the exe-file (not C:\ASTROLOG32\ anymore)
  • CHG menus slightly restructured to be more systematic
  • ADD Open command file menu item
  • ADD advanced/ simplified mode page in the Wizard
  • ADD #DegCharacter switch - reassignment of degree chars (for developers of language packs), syntax: DegCharacter [ANSIColorTextMode][TextMode][ANSIColorTextMode2][TextMode2][GraphicsMode]
  • ADD #OmitWizard switch (for developers of language packs)
  • ADD #OmitRegionalWizard switch (for developers of language packs)
  • CHG Swiss Ephemerides 1.70 in use
  • CHG Default colors and selections changed
  • FIX position of IC is now saved correctly in *_pos files
  • ADD file named autorun.dat, placed in miscellaneous directory is automatically executed on start(if exists). Useful for macros, glyph definitions, etc
  • ADD #DisableMacroShortcuts switch (for developers of language packs)
  • ADD common ephemeris files
For earlier version changes, please see the History A32.html in the distribution.

Program history

In the beginning, there was the 16-bit Astrolog by Walter Pullen, later improved by Alois Treindl and Valentin Abramov. António Ramos ported Astrolog to 32-bit platform and added many features. Since version 2, the program has been developed by Tomáš Kubec.