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OS support: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98

Position calculation features:

  • Positions of Sun through Pluto and the house cusps.
  • Positions of Chiron and the four main asteroids.
  • Positions of True and Mean nodes, Part of Fortune, Vertex, and East Point
  • Positions of Lilith.
  • Positions of the eight Uranian planets.
  • Positions of over 40 fixed stars.
  • Positions of over 170 Arabic parts and their formulas.
  • Option to use any or all of accurate 8400 year ephemeris.

Computation features:

  • Fourteen house systems.
  • Tropical and sidereal zodiac.
  • Specify zodiac starting position / ayanamsa.
  • Heliocentric and other planet centered charts.
  • Applying and separating aspects.
  • Parallel and contraparallel aspects.
  • Harmonic charts.
  • Solar charts with objects on Ascendant or Midheaven.
  • Decan positions.
  • Specify your own positions for planets.
  • Positions relative to ecliptic or equator.
  • Local horizon positions in prime vertical coordinates.

Display formats:

  • Generic position listing.
  • Wheel charts.
  • Aspect and midpoint grids.
  • List aspect configurations such as Yods.
  • List aspects sorted by influence.
  • List midpoints sorted by position.
  • Local horizon positions.
  • Times of planets rising and setting.
  • Solar system orbit charts.
  • Gauquelin sector charts.
  • Astro-graph charts.
  • List latitude crossings in astro-graph charts.
  • Generic monthly and yearly calendars.
  • Ephemeris tables.
  • Biorhythm charts.

Transit and progression features:

  • Secondary progressions and solar arc progressions.
  • Specify your own progression rate.
  • Times of exact aspects among transiting planets.
  • Times of planets changing sign or direction.
  • Times of lunar phases and season changes.
  • Times of exact aspects in a progressed chart.
  • Times of exact transit hits.
  • Times of transits to house cusps.
  • Times of solar, lunar, and other returns.
  • Times of exact transits from progressed planets.
  • List transits to natal planets within orb in influence order.
  • List aspects within orb among transiting planets in influence order.
  • Transits to composite and other no-time charts.

Relationship chart features:

  • Synastry charts.
  • Composite charts.
  • Time space midpoint charts.
  • Weighted relationship charts.
  • Display elapsed time between charts.
  • Aspect and midpoint grids between two charts.
  • Aspect and midpoint lists between two charts.
  • Automatic progressed to natal comparison chart.

Interpretation features:

  • Influence charts sorting planets and signs by power.
  • Interpret natal positions and natal aspects.
  • Interpret transits and midpoints.
  • Interpret transiting aspects and sign and direction changes.
  • Interpret aspects and midpoints between charts.
  • Interpret synastry charts.

Graphics features:

  • Graphic wheel chart.
  • Graphic bi-wheel comparison / transit chart.
  • Graphic tri-wheels and quad-wheels.
  • Graphic aspect / midpoint and relationship aspect / midpoint grids.
  • Graphic astro-graph chart on a map of the world.
  • Graphic local horizon, polar horizon, Gauquelin wheel, and orbit charts.
  • Graphic ephemeris tracking chart.
  • Graphic calendars and biorhythms.
  • Dispositor graph chart.
  • Plot positions among the astronomical constellations.
  • Smoothly animate charts through time at varying rates.
  • Continuously update chart to current moment now.
  • Animate a rotating globe.
  • Timed exposures for horizon and orbit charts.
  • Create PostScript graphic files.
  • Create graphic X11 and Windows bitmap files.
  • Create Windows metafiles.

Customization options:

  • Initialization file for default settings.
  • Choose what transiting and natal planets to include in charts.
  • Choose among 18 major and minor aspects, or define your own.
  • Specify aspect orbs.
  • Specify the maximum orb allowed to a planet.
  • Specify wider orbs for any planet.
  • Display zodiac positions to the nearest second.
  • DMY & MDY date formats and 24 hour & am/pm time formats.
  • Display locations in hours & minutes or 360 degree form.
  • Customize interpretation strings.
  • Customize colors.
  • Define your own orbital elements for planets.
  • Choose among graphic glyphs for certain signs and planets.
  • Specify influence of planets and planets when transiting.
  • Specify influence of houses and aspects.

Chart access features:

  • Quick charts for the current moment now.
  • Save and load chart time and place to file.
  • Save and load chart positions to file.
  • Save text output directly to file.
  • Relocate charts.
  • Cast a chart a specified time ahead of any chart.
  • Atlas containing coordinates of millions of places

System features:

  • Display text charts in Ansi color.
  • Paging for when text charts are more than a screenful.
  • Access environment variables.
  • Define macros for your most common operations.
  • Easy to use menu and dialog interface in the Windows version.

International features:

  • Multi-language support (language packs).
  • Custom font support.
  • Custom time and date format.