AntiCapsLock FAQ

Last update: 21.3.2012

Does AntiCapsLock work with all hardware?

AntiCapsLock works with all standard desktop PCs. It also works with most of notebooks and desktop PCs using non-standard hardware such as wireless keyboards. However, it is a good idea to download the AntiCapsLock distribution and try it on your PC before buying.

Is AntiCapsLock compatible with all other programs?

As far as we know, AntiCapsLock works fine with almost all other programs. It may conflict with some other keyboard utilities, non-standard keyboard drivers and key-logging spyware or viruses. It is a good idea to download the AntiCapsLock distribution and test it on your PC before buying.

AntiCapsLock stopped working after system crash/virus infection/other disaster help!

Repair your system first. (If not lost) quit and uninstall AntiCapsLock. After this, restart your PC and re-install AntiCapsLock again.

The setup fails during installation on Windows XP/2000

You must have system rights to install drivers (as AntiCapsLock actually works as a driver). Be sure to have administrative rights or ask you administrator to install AntiCapsLock for you.

I cannot complete the registration process

Verify that you are using the registration code generated for your OS version (Windows NT/XP/2000 is the longer one). Copy the registration code and than the registration name to the clipboard and paste it to the registration form (each to the matching field). Be sure that there are no spaces in front of or behind the copied text. Also be sure not to change the letter-case. Uppercase and lowercase letters are treated as different characters.

I have upgraded my Windows 9x/ME. Can I get the new code?

Yes. Just send us an e-mail.

Is there a Vista version of AntiCapsLock?

Unfortunately, there is no version of AntiCapsLock for Vista at this moment.

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